L2click 1.12

Automates mouse clicks in Lineage 2
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Collects information from your Lineage 2 client and automatically kills monsters and farms on your behalf. Also simulates the pressing of the function keys.

L2click is program that automates monsters killing and AutoCP/GHP/QHP in Lineage 2.
It's able to obtain information from Lineage2 game client by reading colors
of specific pixels on the screen and according to this input it is able to
simulate pressing keys F1-F12.

L2click is invisible for server because it does not modify packets.

Key Features:
- can read changes on the screen and according to them it presses keys
- or do any other actions
- can't be detected by server because L2click does not work with packets
- can switch between two windows and in each window it is able to press keys
- works only in window mode

Operating System: 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP)

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